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Why Is Becoming A Mom So Special?

Why is becoming a mom so special?

As overwhelming as it may sound, childbirth can be pretty scary. Not just because the process is stressful and painful, but because you never know what to expect from that very moment. There are hundreds of myths attached to labor and deliveries, which to be honest are pretty disgusting and scary, but what if these “myths” were actually true? The fear of the unknown is what makes childbirth difficult and intimidating. Nonetheless, for moms-to-be what is important is that they remain prepared for whatever is waiting for them.

What exercises help prepare for childbirth?

For all the pregnant women out there, mom fitness should always be on top of the list! This means you should take ample rest, eat healthily and stay active before your body exhausts itself during childbirth.

Childbirth preparation isn’t as easy as it may sound. Shopping for the little one can be all exciting and fun, but preparing your body for it is what matters the most. You might have heard of workouts for pregnant women, but which exercises should you do in the last trimester?

Le FitMom introduces you to trainers and coaches who teach you kegel exercises for pregnant women. This workout regime is pretty simple yet gets your heart pumping. Most kegel exercises and pelvic floor workout aim at strengthening the pelvis after delivery to avoid urinary leakage which most ladies face. But when it comes down to expecting mothers, kegel exercises are considered safe pregnancy workouts, which should actually be followed by mums-to-be to experience smooth and easy labor.

This pelvic floor workout routine helps to relax the pelvic muscles and increasing flexibility down there so you can enjoy quick, smooth and super easy delivery. Remember, the more relaxed your pelvic muscles will be, the easier the delivery will be for you!

How can I prepare my body for normal delivery?

Before you reach the final weeks of your pregnancy, prepare your mind and body for delivery. Know that the time is near, the baby can “pop out” at any time, thus you need to stay relaxed and practice deep breathing exercises.

Go for kegel workouts to keep your muscles flexible and body relaxed. The more comfortable are you in your zone, the smoother the delivery will be. Stay positive and strong, because if you lose heart and strength at any point, things can turn complicated for you.

Best Exercises To Prepare For Labor and Childbirth

Here are a few exercises that will help you prepare for labor and childbirth:

  1. Yoga- Not just yoga for belly, but yoga pose called “the child’s pose” helps stretch, lengthen and relax the pelvic muscles and of course, ease the discomfort down there.
  2. Squat- This is an amazing exercise to work on your pelvic muscles and prepare for childbirth. It loosens up the tension down there, strengthens the pelvic muscles and smoothes out the delivery.
  3. Perineal Bulges- Most women are known to holding their breath while pushing during labor. This can result in reducing the blood supply back to the heart, leading to serious problems. This workout teaches expecting mums to take control of their breath while pushing and avoid complications.

What should I do for easy delivery?

Stay energized, take rest, eat healthily and most importantly, stay active! The more you indulge into physically active workouts and exercises, the easier labor and childbirth will be for you!

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