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When To Stop Working Your Abs During Pregnancy

When to Stop Working Your Abs During Pregnancy

When the first trimester ends, you should stop lying straight in your back. Why? This is because as the baby grows, lying on your back will put a strain on your heart, thus cutting off the oxygen supply to both your unborn baby and other parts of the body.

Hence, if you have remained an avid workout person both before and during pregnancy, you should stop working on your Abs after the first three months come to an end! Although, doctors today recommend moms-to-be to practice prenatal exercise and prenatal workout for promising prenatal fitness, but one should be super careful with it.

Mom fitness comes first

Mom fitness should always be a priority. Why? Because only a healthy mom can give birth to a healthy baby! This is why, if you haven’t enrolled yourself in a prenatal class, sign up for Le FitMom’s mom fitness programs that cover different aspects of pregnancy including postnatal fitness, yoga for the belly, pregnancy workouts, kegel exercises for pelvic floor restoration, tips for childbirth preparation and postpartum recovery phase.

Even if you have had a great pregnancy throughout, it is still suggested to take up exercises that are safe and easy. There are exercises dedicated for each trimester and hence, only the professionals at Le FitMom can guide you through it.

As already mentioned, when it comes to the end of the first trimester, you should avoid any activities that ask you to lie on your back. As an alternative, you can go with an easier and more effective pelvic floor workout including a kegel workout that prepares your body for labor.

Pregnancy does not mean becoming lazy unless you have a complicated one. Rather, most doctors today suggest expecting mothers to work out by taking up light exercises that keep them active and mobile. But with every trimester, the need for exercising changes. This is why; if you haven’t been in that space before, connect with experts at Le FitMom for the best guidelines.

When you enter the second trimester, your aim should be eating good and putting on a decent amount of weight but not too much that can put the baby at risk. Hence, exercising will help you remain fit and healthy. While exercising in the last trimester can gladly improve the labor experience for you. Taking up exercises like Kegels helps increase pelvic floor muscle flexibility thus making the labor easier.

If you have had a smooth pregnancy throughout, you can surely opt for lighter exercises but not the ones that put stress on your core or require you to lie on your back.

When to avoid working out during pregnancy?

If you are bleeding, spotting, or have pain in the back or cramps at the front, take things slow. Do not stress yourself and ask your doctor for permission before going for a proper workout routine.

Remember, only if your pregnancy is free of complications only than you should be working out. Otherwise, light movement is enough to help you through the phase with ease and comfort.

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