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Trimester by Trimester



First trimester 


During the first trimester many women feel fatigued and nauseous and need a lighter

activity, away from shocks or alterations.


Le FitMom offers a variety of activities which are going to help to connect with your

changing body, improving breathing techniques, flexibility and strengthening

your body while give your mind space to concentrate and relax.



Second trimester


The second trimester brings a change in hormones which causes many women feel

energized. That way, in this period we concentrates on the pelvic floor, back and

abdominal, preparing the muscles for the third trimester and the delivery.



Third trimester


The last trimester can be physically tiring for many women. Hormones are released to

give breadth to the pelvic joints causing in most cases back pain. The additional weight

can lead to a lack of balance and poor posture. Swollen legs and varicose veins are



So exercise will be focus helping to all of these conditions by strengthening the core 

muscles which in turn leads to improved posture and circulation.



At delivery


There is evidence that specific exercises focused in pelvic floor strengthen has helped

in delivery by improving muscle tone, circulation (more oxygen to

the womb which is less distressing for the baby) and breathing techniques.





Exercise can be retaken since the sixth week after delivery, or between eight to twelve weeks after a C-section. Your doctor will advise you on when your body is ready.


With Le FitMom postpartum programs and private training we are going to help your body regain its shape and tone and strengthen muscles that have been weakened during your pregnancy.


Exercises are adapted to individual needs, so whether you have had a vaginal or caesarian delivery, a safe workout can be developed to target particular muscle groups.



At the same time it is important to balance your diet throughout the process, a healthy diet will make you feel better during pregnancy and will help you recover much faster. We have the best specialist who will work in coordination in relation to your level of physical activity, ensuring a balance and achieving goals.


* Le FitMom checks with your doctor before you start any workout routine to make sure the activities you'll perform are safe.