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Top 10 Exercises To Keep You Fit And Healthy During Pregnancy

Top 10 exercises to keep you fit and healthy during pregnancy

Top 10 Best Exercises During pregnancy

Even today, most ladies, moms-to-be take pregnancy as an opportunity to eat whatever comes their way and making it an excuse to do nothing around the house. What these women fail to understand is eating “extra” and becoming inactive will only lead to complications and a pregnancy filled with problems. One may even risk the well-being of their unborn baby; hence becoming a “food monster” during pregnancy is never an option.

Best Exercises During pregnancy

Thus, for first-time moms, search for safe exercise during pregnancy because mom fitness should be a priority, always!

Exercise tips for pregnancy: Types, benefits, and tips

Pregnant or not, kegel exercises for women have numerous benefits. Workouts for pregnant women are designed in a way that they provide you with benefits in a shorter period. So, for all the ladies looking to stay healthy and fit during this crucial period of their life, here are a few out of many exercises that you can follow during pregnancy with ease:

  1. Brisk walking- Put on your shoes and go outside. Walk around the street and breathe in the fresh air. Brisk walking will not only help you maintain your weight but also keep you fresh and energized!
  2. Stationary Cycling- Spinning is another exercise that can be followed as pregnancy workout first trimester. Cycling on the stationary bike reduces the risk of falling and without putting much pressure on your joints, you get the heart pumping.
  3. Yoga- The right postures can strengthen your pelvic muscles, preparing you for an easy labor ahead.
  4. Aerobics- For ladies who enjoy a bit of stretching, low impact aerobics can relax muscles without putting much pressure on the joints.
  5. Squatting- This one is ideal for women in their last trimester. Pelvic workout especially squatting is known to relax the pelvic muscles, preparing your body for a smooth labor.

But why should one exercise during pregnancy? Exercising during pregnancy helps you keep a check on your weight, not allowing you to gain too much weight which may lead to complications. Also, when you remain active, the heart pumps more blood throughout the body, improving oxygen supply to the developing fetus and yes, more importantly, prepares the body for childbirth and labor.

Remember, exercise for pregnant women may be safe but should always be done under the supervision of a professional trainer to gain the best benefits and without any problems!

What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy?

Although, most exercises during pregnancy are safe but it is always advisable for moms-to-be to go for workouts that are low-impact and easy to do. Workouts like brisk walking, stationary cycling, swimming, and yoga are often considered safe if done under the supervision of professional trainers. These exercises are easy on the body, put less strain on your back on joints yet get the heart pumping.

Working out during this period not only keeps the mums-to-be healthy but promises the well-being of their unborn child, leading to the delivery of a baby that is happy and healthy.

Is it safe to exercise while pregnant?

Yes! Exercise and working out at any point in your life is 100% safe. But of course, workouts shall be designed according to your health requirements. For example, kegel exercises for mom are safe both in pregnancy and postpartum recovery stage.

To ensure your workout routine leads to no complications, always contact a trainer and work under his/her supervision to gain the best outcomes.

How can I start exercising during pregnancy?

If you think you are too weak to start with heavy exercises, ones that requires more energy, always tell your instructor how you feel. Begin with light exercise that continues for not more than 10-15 minutes. Start slow and gradually increase both the time and intensity once you built stamina and strength to do so!

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