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“I want to say a HUGE thank you to Eva from Fitmom Dubai. I joined Eva’s classes when my son was 8 months old, as I wanted to gain overall strength again with a focus on my pelvic floor and to be able to exercise with my baby. This was the best thing I could have done! With Eva’s expertise and guidance, I quickly realized I could actually heal my diastasis. The Core Restore program and Postpartum classes were a perfect combination for me. We had a great little group of Mums and babies! Without Eva’s specialist knowledge I would have continued to fumble my way through the gym not knowing which exercise was safe for my body at that unique time. I reached my goals while having fun, I cannot recommend her enough”


“I had been working out on my own and not feeling any better or seeing results, and I was killing myself. Since doing the Holistic Core Restore program I feel really strong and have eliminated my back pain.

Now, my workouts are much more efficient and the daily core exercises give me a little time to focus on myself and reset after my baby go to bed.”

Mirelle Simon

“Eva’s class was so inspiring I took it for three programs. I not only managed to lose the majority of my baby weight I gained confidence and bonded with my baby. Of course, I am Eva’s client but I consider her my friend we started class with her when we first arrived in Dubai my son Was only 5 weeks old she was so kind and gentle with him he enjoys hearing the sound of her voice and is so happy to see her. She always knew the right thing to say to me and took into consideration that I had a c section only 5 weeks prior. slowly and steadily she helped me build my muscle strength, core strength, and above all confidence. About 6 weeks after I started the program my husband brought me new clothes to my surprise I was 3 sizes smaller! I encourage all new moms to join Eva’s class no other program will allow you to bring your baby and give you and your little one such one on one attention. Eva loves what she does and she really gets to know the needs of her clients. You owe it to yourself and your baby to be a Fitmom!???”

Signed, Fitmom Natalia and baby Anish

“First session .. and I got to know so much more about my body! Feels great already!!
No trainer could tell me about the core restore tips, exercise, what to do what not to do.. even little things make a huge difference!
Looking forward to be regular at your sessions Eva :)”

Neha Gupta

“6 weeks in to an 8 week course and my baby is 3.5 months old. I’ve nearly lost all my baby weight and toned up a lot. The classes are tough but really enjoyable, it’s great to see results so quickly!”

Nikki Ford

“No words to describe how wonderful Le fit mom Dubai is, thanks Eva Rogel, for these months, From the early stages of my second pregnancy to being back in shape a few months later.

You are a really good professional and you share your knowledge with all of us in a safe, funny, and friendly.

MOMS TO BE OR RECENT MOMS, I strongly recommend you every single program because all of Them are customized for before, during, and after our pregnancy.

I feel my body stronger than ever and have more energy for anything.

Thanks for motivating me even to be abroad for The summer. A real good support to get us in Shape.

See you soon!!!!”

Laura Esteban