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In Le FitMom you can choose between different options, because we adapt to you

according to the characteristics and the state in which you are.


Be fit is becoming easier and funnier!



  • LE FitMom Programs


Our group classes are composed of a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 people. All of them need

to be in the same period of life (pregnancy, postpartum, moms with older kids...). If this is not the

case, max 4 and each person can have plenty of individual attention and can progress at their own pace.


Group classes are a great way to meet other women in your situation and to help motivate while sharing this new and exciting experience.


      *The health state and postural analysis of each person will be known from the initial assessment made upon arrival and continuous evaluation throughout each program.
























  • Private training


For those who prefer more individual attention, you can enjoy our private training programs (1-1) made for you in which other specialists can be involved in a comprehensive care during each stage.



Get fit, feel healthy & meet other mums!

Which program suits you best?

Make an appointment and from the initial assesment we'll tell you what fits best for you


 Le FitPregnancy "4FitMoms 2Be"
AquaFitMom 2be

Le FitMom & Baby 

Pelvic Floor+ Core restore 

FitWoman 4life

WORKSHOP-The Stroller Workout 

WORKSHOP-Coaching on labour & birth for couples

WORKSHOP-Le Fitmom & FitBaby + 1

Also, you can choose different programs simultaneously with the approval of our professionals.