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Anti-cellulite Tutu legging

SKU: DH2208
Color: black
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Leggings made with a Nylon microfibre containing cosmetics principles which help the skin to combat the accumulation of fat and cellulite. It contains Caffeine, known to stimulate blood circulation and in consequence it has fat burning properties. 

This technology provides a permanent effect. The permanence of anti cellulite effect lasts over 100 washes.

It has the best selection of active ingredients in anti-cellulite cosmetics: Caffeine, Retino l, Ceramides, Vitamin E, fatty acids and Aloe Vera.
Caffeine is known as slimming active agent activating the microcirculation and promotes the destruction of fat.
  • Effectiveness

    Results after an analysis conducted by an independent laboratory show that they are better than the best anti-cellulite creams in the market:


    -76% slimming efficiency

    -Up to 2 cm reduction by the hips circumference.

    -65% efficiency reducing fat deposits. Redensifying effect.

    -63% reduction in the appearance of orange peel.

    -67% felt looser their jeans.

    -72% felt a sense of lightness.

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