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Pregnancy Workouts: Best Exercises For Childbirth Preparation

Pregnancy Workouts: Best Exercises for Childbirth Preparation

As beautiful as it is, pregnancy is all about embracing the new bodily changes and symptoms that come along. Where most of the pregnancy symptoms settle down with the passing weeks, some women need to look out for solutions to deal with the “problems” in other ways.

Best Pregnancy Workouts

So, if you are amongst those women who believe in staying active and healthy during pregnancy than join Le FitMom for the best pregnancy workouts that will keep you going in the best of ways.

Pregnancy Workouts for Every Trimester

Research has shown the expecting moms who stay active during their pregnancy is less like to have backache, nausea and sleep problems. This is why; if your pregnancy is smooth and free of complications, go for kegel exercises or yoga for belly, anything that will keep you on your toes for.

Here are some pregnancy workouts that can easily be done in every trimester and are super easy to practice:

1. Plié

Stand parallel to the back of a steady chair, placing one hand on the chair and the other one on your hip. Stand with your legs apart and slowly bend your knees, go down while keeping your back straight. Plié is known to improve balance and strengthen your hamstrings and butt muscles.

2. Side Lunge

Stand with your feet together holding a light dumbbell in each hand. Now take a step to your right, bending the back in a sitting position and extending the left leg. Once complete, come back to the starting position.

3. The Side-Lying

Lie on your right side, placing a pillow under your tummy for a comfortable posture. Bend the right leg at 45 degrees and place your right arm under your head. Now raise the left leg up, as high as you while inhaling and exhale while bringing it down. Repeat it at least 10 times for both sides, helping you to strengthen your core and inner thighs muscles.

Is it healthy to exercise when pregnant?

If done under the supervision of a trainer, than YES, exercising during pregnancy is absolutely safe. Rather is helps expecting moms to deal with pregnancy-related problems such as back ache and nauseas, improves sleep and relives stress.

Diet and exercise during pregnancy

A healthy diet during pregnancy is essential, as what you eat directly affects the wellbeing of your baby. Thus, for ladies who are expecting, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, do not forget to eat your greens, add fresh fruits to your diet and eliminate sugar and caffeine from it to gain the best outcomes.

Also, avoid raw seafood, alcohol and unpasteurized milk or cheese as these can cause allergic reactions and may lead to problems during pregnancy.

And as for exercising during the nine months, brisk walk is considered to be the best workout to stay fit, active and healthy. You can also go for low-intensity aerobics but only under the supervision of a professional trainer, swimming, yoga and cycling. But, which every workout plan you wish to follow, ALWAYS as your health care for permission.

Remember, to avoid any activity that can exhaust you or may lead to shortness of breath during this crucial period of pregnancy.

10 Workout tips for Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy workouts are designed to help expecting moms to deal with their hormonal changes and deliver a healthy, happy baby. Best Kegel exercises and best yoga for belly can prove beneficial for childbirth preparation if practiced right. Here are some workout tips for women who are expecting that might prove helpful:

1. Start slow and increase the pace steadily

2. Do not over-work or over-exert yourself

3. Opt for low-intensity workouts like stationary cycling, walking, and yoga

4. Keep hydrated to avoid over-heating during exercising

5. Go for exercises that strengthen your pelvic floors like squats and cycling

6. Always use support like a railing or a chair when working out while standing to improve balance

7. Never lie straight on your back while exercising as it can reduce blood supply to the developing fetus

8. Use lightweight dumbbells or equipment if necessary

9. Always bend with your back straight while working out

10. Do not go for exercises that may run you out of breath

How To Modify Exercises For Pregnancy

As much as exercising is great for pregnant ladies, one should modify the workout plan according to their trimester. Where lying straight on the back for a little while is fine in the first trimester, avoid such acts later in the pregnancy. The idea to achieve the best results from working out during the nine months is to do as much as you handle. Do not exert yourself too much, start slow, find postures and positions that are comfortable, and most importantly, go for exercises that are easy and of low-intensity in nature.

Benefits of Staying Active during Pregnancy

If you think working out in pregnancy can harm the baby than think again!

Science has proved time and again that exercising while pregnant can benefit both the mother-to-be and the unborn baby in ways unthinkable. Here are the wonders staying active can do for you:

1. Reduces back ache, bloating and relives constipation

2. Strengthens pelvic floor, preparing you for a smoother deliver

3. Increases blood flow to the developing fetus

4. Helps you sleep better

5. Prevents gestational diabetes and high blood pressure

6. Improves posture and mood

So, for all the moms-to-be, if you still haven’t started working out, join Le FitMom and start right away!

Best Exercises for Pregnant Women: Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Exercises like stationary cycling, low-intensity aerobics, squats, brisk walking and yoga are some of the many safe pregnancy workouts that benefit you in a lot of ways. If you have a smooth pregnancy that is free of complications, start with walking and move on to other exercises, whichever feel comfortable and easy to you.

Safe Pregnancy Workouts: The 10 Best Options for Childbirth Preparation

Pregnancy workouts seem an “extreme” thing to do because as it is commonly believed, it can “hurt the baby”. Well, ladies who are too lazy to stay active, take pregnancy just as an excuse to lie in bed all day long!

The fact is, as proved by researchers overtime, working out in pregnancy is actually good for both the developing fetus and the expecting mom, benefiting both the souls in ways unthinkable. So, if you still haven’t taken up some low-intensity workout classes, it is time to join them NOW!

Is it OK to workout in early pregnancy?

If you have a healthy pregnancy with no visible complication and have been working out before getting pregnant, then yes, exercising during pregnancy is safe for such women. Even for other who have otherwise never worked out in the gym but want to practice good postures and strengthen their pelvic floor, low-intensity workouts are absolutely safe during the first trimester and even afterward.

Exercising pregnancy can do wonders for an expecting mom and the developing baby. Here are some absolutely safe pregnancy workouts including Kegels that will only help your body for childbirth preparation, but ensure you experience a healthy pregnancy:

1. Yoga

Light and low-intensity, there are a many yoga asanas designed specifically for pregnant women. Yoga is fairly easy to do, and not only does it re-energize you and strengthen your body but also refreshes your mind and soul.

2. Swimming

Swimming is another safe workout to practice in pregnancy. So, if you love water, taking a dip in the pool is always a great option to stay cool in summer. As you weigh less underwater, paddling and some kicking in it can help reducing back pain, discomfort and relieve stiff muscles

3. Walking

Easy, low-intensity, and fun, walking in the open refreshes you, keeping an expecting mom active, happy and stress-free.

4. Stationary Cycle

Well, where cycling outside may not be an option for most expecting moms, stationary cycling makes a great workout. It is fun and low-intensity, yet gets the heart pumping. The increased heart rate results in improved blood flow throughout the body, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the developing fetus as well.

5. Low-intensity aerobics

Joining pregnancy aerobic classes can help you maintain weight and experience a healthy pregnancy without any risks or complications.

6. Low weight lifting

This may sound crazy at first, but lifting lighter weights can increase endurance and strengthen muscles, preparing your body for all the stretching and tearing to be experienced during later trimesters and childbirth.

7. Pilates

If you’re looking to reduce back pain, cure leg cramps and strengthen the core, Pilates is a safe best pregnancy workout to go for.

8. Kegel Exercises

These involve your pelvic floor muscles, working on them while increasing flexibility and strengthening them, helping you deal with urine leakage and preparing the body for a smoother labor.

9. Barre

A mix of pilates, yoga, and ballet, this workout routine helps strengthen the core without exhausting you.

10. Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese martial arts form has a few routines that can easily be practice by pregnant women.

And in case if you cannot find any such institution near your place offering classes for expecting mothers, you can join Le FitMom for free advice received directly from the experts themselves.

Remember, a healthy and active mom has a baby who is happy and bright!

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