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Postnatal Fitness And Rehabilitation: For Quick Postpartum Recovery

Postnatal Fitness and Rehabilitation: For Quick Postpartum Recovery

Postnatal Rehabilitation

Birthing is an overwhelming process, filling you with joy yet extremely exhausting. From long labor hours to unbearable contractions, who said creating your own miracle was easy?

And once you move through the phase of childbirth preparation, next comes the never-ending period of rehabilitation, recovery, and “normalization”. Even in a time when science and technology have advanced rapidly, an era where women know their rights, most new mums still do not believe in “resting” and “postpartum recovery”. Remember, you are not a superhuman, you too need rest and give a chance to your body to recover and heal. This is why; ALWAYS take postnatal fitness and rehabilitation seriously!

What is postnatal fitness & rehabilitation?

After exhausting labor and delivery, the new mum to be is drained of all the energy. Her body goes through wearing and tearing, and now needs time to recover from all the stretching and pushing. This is the postnatal rehabilitation phase where the new mom needs time to recover, both mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The best postnatal exercises tips

Mom fitness comes first, no matter you are a first-time mom or have a gang to take care of. Give your body and soul ample time to recover after delivery, because if not taken seriously, you may end up with some long-term serious problems that will surely hinder your day to day functions.

Relax and enjoy it! This time won’t come back and you’ll have a lifetime to jump back to your routine. So, for mums who wish to stay fit and beautiful as ever, here are some postnatal exercises tips that will keep you going:

1. Talk to your doctor first about exercising and workout

2. Give your body time to heal and recover

3. Start with exercises that are light and easy

4. Keep yourself hydrated

5. Pair up exercise with a good diet for best outcomes

6. Start slow and increase the pace slowly

What is a postnatal exercise?

Postnatal exercise signifies your journey towards recovery and fitness, a new you after birthing and labor. Once you hit the six weeks mark post-delivery, you are all set to workout. You can start with either walking a slow pace or pelvic floor workout, whichever seems comfortable. Exercises that new mum practices after delivery to strengthen their body and core, all fall under the umbrella of postnatal fitness and rehabilitation.

Exercise for Postnatal Rehabilitation

Here are some postnatal rehabilitation exercises that will ensure the safety and well-being of your developing baby and you:

1. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are great for postpartum recovery especially for pelvic floor restoration and avoiding problems in the future. Once your doctor gives you a green signal, start slowly!

2. Cardio

Well, this does not means jumping up and down or running until you become breathless but walking at a pace that is comfortable and easy. Start slow, take fewer steps and increase the pace slowly. Soon you’ll gain stamina and strength to do more and more, bringing you back in shape.

3. Pelvic Floor Restoration

Most new mums complain about urine incontinence after delivery, making it difficult to laugh and sneeze openly in the public without wetting their trousers. Pelvic floor restoration is an important part of postnatal fitness and rehabilitation, strengthening your pelvic muscles so you do not have to face embarrassing situations out in the open.

What to Expect When They’re Expecting

When you’re expecting, you actually do not how things will go. So, rather than worrying about what will happen next, focus on the well-being of your baby and your health. Eat well, stay active and relax! Keep your nerves in control and stay happy!

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