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Mommy Special Stage Of Life And Health

Mommy Special Stage Of Life And Health

It is said that becoming a mother is the best feeling in the world. From the day you get a “positive result” till the day you get to hold your little miracle, the journey is surely unbelievably wonderful. As much as it brings joy, the thought of giving birth can be pretty scary.


Will it be painful? How long will the labor last? Will you be able to get through it alive? There are a million questions that will cross the mind of a mother-to-be and unless the day arrives, childbirth preparation will seem overwhelming yet scary!

Mom fitness: Safe Pregnancy Workouts

There was a time when pregnancy meant eating for two, gulping down and munching on anything that came in front of you. Results? Most women gained more weight than they should have, putting them and their unborn baby’s health at risk.

But today, thanks to technology and availability of information, most moms-to-be avoid gaining extra pounds but adopting healthy eating habits. As much as eating “good” plays an important role in delivering a healthy baby, pregnancy workout first trimester can help ease labor.

For many, this may come as something new but exercise for pregnant women has surely helped a lot of ladies in delivering happy and healthy kids without any complications. From simple and light exercises to kegel exercises for mom, workout for pregnant women is aimed at towards keeping moms-to-be active, fit and preparing them for birthing while they enjoy delivering a healthy baby.

Safe exercise during Pregnancy

For women with a smooth pregnancy and no complications, working out during this period can bring many benefits. But are exercises for pregnant women safe? If done under the supervision of professionals like those at Le MomFit than yes, kegel exercises for pregnancy and yoga will keep you active, in shape and help deliver a baby without any complications.
Are kegel exercises for women different than kegel exercises for pregnant women?

Well, of course, yes!

Where normal ladies can happily hop and jump around, doing pelvic floor workout, professional trainers at Le MomFit make sure to design kegel exercises for moms-to-be that are light, less stressful yet very effective. Pregnancy workouts like these aim towards stretching the pelvic muscles, opening them and enhancing flexibility so you can have a smooth labor and deliver normally. In general birthing and labor is painful and tiring, but for moms ready to give birth, keeping active throughout pregnancy and promise comfortable delivery for sure!

New Birthing Methods

Giving birth at the hospital or opting for water birth has become the talk of the past. As these traditional ways are safe, women today are ready to try new birthing methods that are less painful and quick.

Imagine waiting in a room filled with people, doctors and attendants of course, observing you closely while you scream in pain for hours, waiting for the miracle to pop out. The thought in itself is definitely painful and scary! This is why, for women who wish to opt for pain-free deliver without an epidural, hypnobirthing is a method that might prove helpful.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing includes using various pain management techniques like visualization and deep breathing, relaxing the mother-to-be both mentally and physically, preparing them for birth in a better way.

At Le FitMom, you get to learn hypnosis techniques, opt for yoga for belly and enrol in programs offering pelvic floor restoration. Once given birth to your little miracle, the next stage is to deal with postpartum depression and change that is both tiresome and overwhelming. For most, postpartum recovery can be long hence getting yourself enrolled in programs like postnatal fitness and rehabilitation can help you cope up with the change, manage things in a better way and most importantly, learn to love your body after the whole pregnancy and birthing process, which is necessary to lead a happy, normal and healthy life!

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