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Mom Fitness: Exercising Your Way Into Motherhood

Mom Fitness: Exercising your Way into Motherhood

Best Mom Fitness Guide

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body. From the crazy hormonal balance to the added weight, this beautiful journey can change your body completely. As much as most women wish to come back in shape soon after giving birth, not every woman is this lucky! Losing those extra pounds becomes more of a challenge while you’re still struggling to adjust to the change.

Working Mom Get Fit

Be it a full-time mom or working mother, pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges. From the beginning till the end, you struggle with keeping the food down, battle with the unbalanced hormones causing mood swings, and most importantly, the change in your physical self.

YES! That extra weight surely gives you a feeling of nothing less than a baby elephant.

And then once you’re done with delivery, next comes the postpartum recovery phase. A time when most working moms are looking for postnatal fitness and rehabilitation opportunities to help them get back on track. If pregnancy workouts seemed difficult to you, taking care of a toddler with a full-time job in hand, hitting the gym back again can become more of a problem. This is why, for a busy new moms, Le Fit Mom brings a platform that helps you heal post-delivery without exertion and problems.

Top 10 Great Fitness Tips for Moms

When most women forget to take care of themselves altogether after having a baby, remember to prioritize mom fitness because only a healthy mom will be able to take care of her kid like a pro. Here are some great fitness tips for moms, especially for working mums with limited time on hand:

1. A hearty breakfast is a MUST

2. Keep yourself hydrated

3. Exercise

(Use stairs instead of a lift and whenever you get a chance, practice pelvic floor workout and kegel exercises for quick recovery)

4. Sleep well

(The key to a sane mind is to sleep when the baby sleeps and rest)

5. Make smarter food choices

6. Pamper yourself whenever there is a chance

7. Once a week or every two weeks, plan a quick trip to your favorite shopping mall or restaurant

8. Embrace the change and love yourself

9. Take it slowly

(It took you 9 months to gain all the weight, at least give your body 9 months to lose it)

10. Never over-burden yourself with the workload

(Take that much of work that you can handle easily)

Life after a baby takes a 360-degree turn, and mums who embrace it whole-heartedly and positively are the ones who remain happy, healthy, and fit.

How can a busy mom eat healthily?

With an infant completely dependent on you and a job to commit, most mums forget themselves in the juggle. Because you have more things to manage in lesser time, making intelligent food choices will keep you energized throughout the day.

Here is how a busy mom can eat healthily:

1. Never skip breakfast

2. Snack on nuts or granola bars to keep your body energized and well in shape

3. Shop for pre-cut veggies and similar items to speed up preparation time

4. Avoid sugary items, caffeine, and canned food

Workout Mom

Once you have gotten used to the new “responsibility”, it is time to take care of yourself. Spare some time from your busy schedule and workout. Go for kegel exercises and pelvic floor restorations workouts which speed up postpartum recovery, keeping you in good shape!

But remember, give your time to heal and take things slowly!

The Busy Mom’s Exercise Schedule

Because busy new mums do not have much time to spare, all you need is a workout routine that is quick and effective. If cannot handle heavy workouts, start with yoga for belly and legs, meditate to gain stamina, and energize yourself with positivity.

But how can you take out time with an infant to take care of? The best thing is to exercise when the baby is asleep that is either early in the morning or in the evening. Apart from them, when you know the little one is well-fed and quite, just place him/her on the bed and exercise while keeping a close eye on the baby.

When you become a mom, you need to set you prioritizes around the little one. Manage your things according to their schedule and you’ll be comfortable and content!

Tips For Mom & Baby Fitness Classes: Mom Fitness Programs

The bond shared by a baby and mother is magical, the beauty that cannot be expressed in words. Where a mother is known to proudly bring a new life into this world, the presence of a newborn completely changes her perspective towards life, which is what makes this relationship the most cherished one in the world.

As much as you love taking care of your baby, pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on your body! YES ladies, you know it, right? The nine months of exclusive stretching followed by tearing and some more stretching can be absolutely exhaustive. And how can one forget the raging hormones leading to mood swings and never-ending cravings! You definitely lose your “real” self, gaining a good few kilos and turning into a person you yourself do not recognize.

Most new moms become lazy after delivery, giving an excuse that the baby keeps them super “busy”. But when it comes down to mom fitness, laziness is never an EXCUSE! You need to tighten your back and get on your feet, practice yoga for belly or go for kegel exercises because working out after childbirth saves you from health problems later in life.

Mom And Baby Fitness Classes Near Me

But, how can you work out with a baby to take care of? You can either enroll in mom and baby fitness classes near your residence or simply join Le FitMom to get in touch with experts who will guide you through. This online platform provides the best mom fitness programs, each one customized to fit your needs, giving results that are truly outstanding.

With an infant to look after, how can you workout at home? When the baby sleeps, look up for exercises that can easily be done at home! Jump on the treadmill or do some Kegels, practice anything that will help build stamina and strength.

And if you’re still lazy do carry out such activities at home, search for mom and baby fitness classes, and start right away. Classes like these offer various workout programs including:

1. Light cardio/aerobics

2. Plies

3. Baby bench presses

4. Reverse baby curl etc

These, if done under the supervision of a professional trainer, are completely safe. But here are some things for new moms to remember:

1. When exercising, do not forget to place one hand behind your baby’s neck to give it support.

2. Start out slow; gradually add more time to your routine so the baby settles in easily.

3. Maintain a straight posture to avoid back injury.

4. If required, you can use a belt to support your back.

5. Pack extra diapers and clothes for the baby.

6. Also, pack food for your little one or milk for the toddler so when they go hungry, they can be fed immediately.

7. Always take a clean cloth, sheet, or blanket for your baby to lie on.

8. A toy or two to keep the baby engaged.

Fitness classes are fun as most participants there share similar interests and situations. These classes are designed to involve and take care of your baby while you work hard to lose weight, stay fit and healthy.

Busy Mom's Ultimate Fitness Guide

Busy Mom's Ultimate Fitness Guide

If you think being a mother is easy, think again! It isn’t like a one-time project that runs over a few months and is done, paying you well at the end! Rather being a mother means being a cook, maid, a caretaker, and a teacher all at the same time, multitasking around the house with taking a break.

Being a mom is a fulltime job, a job that pays you in form of unconditional love and gratitude. But of course, you aren’t a superhuman and need rest. Most moms, be it stay-at-home or working mothers remain busy 24×7 and find no time to pay heed to their health and appearance. This is why, at the end of the day, these mums are judged by the people asking them to either lose weight or dress up nicely.

Best mom fitness programs

Pregnancy means putting up weight. And as a mother, you are more than happy to put on those pounds because you know there is life breathing inside of you. BUT, after delivery, most women find it hard to shed the fat.

If your amongst ladies who wish to turn from an “ugly mom” into a “super-hot mum who doesn’t like a mom”, join mom fitness programs that will guide you through.

Le FitMom offers online mommy fitness sessions where the professionals work you through pregnancy workouts, yoga for belly regimes and kegel exercises, everything according to your need so that you gain benefit from it. Visit the forum now and enjoy connecting with other moms and professionals!

The Best Online Workout Programs for Busy New Moms

The Best Online Workout Programs for Busy New Moms

Looking for a childbirth preparation class? Or are you a new mother looking for new rules of mom fitness? Then stop by Le FitMom, a virtual platform offering you the best online workout programs!

Because the place understands you are busy maintaining the balance between life and work, handling a newborn is surely isn’t easy! Even than Le FitMom wants you to take out a few minutes for yourself every day!

Utilize these minutes to connect with more mothers around the world and get in touch with professionals at Le FitMom without having to step out of the house. Our professionals will ask you a few questions and then only come up with a workout program customized to your needs.

If you’re having trouble with weakened pelvic muscles, our trainers will work you through kegel exercises that will solve the problem! Or maybe your one of those new mums whose worried about her baby pouch still hanging lose there. Well, our gurus will design a workout program that will help you get rid of it. But what actually makes Le FitMom’s programs the best? These won’t take much of your time yet promise to deliver maximum outcomes.

You heard it right! this platform is known for putting together a mix of multiple exercises that take less time and give results. Hence, if you’re a super busy mom with a few minutes dedicated to yourself every day, the workout programs here are just for you!

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