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Hypnobirthing Basics: Preparing For Easy Childbirth And Delivery

Hypnobirthing Basics: Preparing For Easy Childbirth and Delivery

Hypnobirthing Preparation Dubai

Pain-free labor and delivery are what every mom-to-be dreams of. But is it even possible? Thanks to science and technology, there are various methods available that can actually help relief the pain of labor. From epidurals to water birthing, women in the past have tried different methods, with each having experience differing from the other one. But, one common question that still crosses the mind of mom-to-be is: which method actually helps?

Every birthing method comes with it set of pros and cons. While epidurals and water birthing is still being heavily practiced around the world, hypnobirthing is a method that is still new!

What is Hypno’s birth?

What is Hypno birth or hypnobirthing basics? And is it safe?

These are the most commonly asked questions when a new idea or method is introduced to new moms-to-be seeking for ways that would help relieve pain during delivery.

Hypnobirthing is basically using self-hypnosis techniques to gain relaxation during labor and delivery. What you actually do is train your mind to stay in control when the contractions start, helping you gain complete control over your body and relax without getting stressed out. Rather than getting anxious and scared during the process, you program yourself to deal with the situation in a much more effective way.

Hypnobirthing Classes, How It Works, Methods, Benefits and More

Most pregnancy workouts are designed to prepare your body for labor. Workouts like kegel exercises and pelvic floor restoration allow your muscles to relax, making birthing easy and quick, but not pain-free.

On the other hand, hypnobirthing allows you to take control of your brain, helping you manage the labor pain in a better way and come out of it like a pro. For moms-to-be looking for a place ha provides hypnobirthing classes, Le FitMom is the medium that will help you in this regard!

But how does hypnobirthing works?

When in labor, the body is programmed to immediately go in the fight-and-flight mode, releasing stress hormones called catecholamines in higher quantity leading to slower digestion and increased heart rate. Hence, for the body to stay relaxed in this time of pain becomes impossible, resulting in the mom to be stressed, scared, and anxious during delivery.

This is where hypnobirthing becomes helpful. It helps your brain relax in the situation, which then slows down the release of the stress hormones, keeping you calm and at ease.

Different Hypnobirthing Techniques

Hypnobirthing basics is an old practice teaching pregnant ladies the art of pain management. Here are the different and most commonly known techniques of hypnobirthing that can actually make childbirth easier than imagined:

1. Controlled breathing

During contractions, most doctors or mid-wife suggest the lady to take deep breaths. Controlled breathing requires you to breathe in deeply, count till seven and exhale and count till seven again. This deep breathing method helps you manage pain in a better way, keeping you relaxed and in control.

2. Positive Words and Thoughts

Positive thinking can help you in many ways, especially when you’re battling with the painful contractions during labor. But how can one find positivity in such a situation? Rather than using words like “contractions” replace than with “waves” or any other word that will keep you distracted.

3. Guided Visualization

This technique requires you to imagine something that brings joy to you. It could be by visualizing your favorite floor, meditating, or even listening to music, anything that will help keep your mind and body relaxed during labor.

The Perfect Pregnancy WorkoutPrenatal Exercises for Stretching

Is stretching okay to do in pregnancy?

If done daily, stretching can actually help relieve pain that may be caused due to increase in weight, both of the baby and you, improve circulation throughout the body, and increase stamina. But remember; always do such workouts under the supervision of a professional trainer. Here are some prenatal exercises that make the perfect pregnancy workout:

1. Yogic squats – Stand with your legs apart. Bend your knees and go down in a sitting position, take deep breaths and rise.

2. Seated forward bend – Sit straight on the floor with your legs spread wide, forming a “v”. Take a deep breath and when exhaling, move your arms forward, bending down and bringing your stomach and chest as close to the floor as possible. Slowly get back into the starting position and repeat.

3. Seated Twist – Sit with your legs crossed and back straight. Place your right arm at the back and left on the knee in front. Now inhale and slowly twist your body towards the right arms. Exhale and move back to the starting position. Repeat 5 times in a set of 3 daily.

Stretches if done right and regularly can help pregnant women stay fit, deliver a healthy baby, and have an easy labor.

When should I start practicing Hypnobirthing?

For best outcomes, enroll in hypnobirthing classes between 25 to 29 weeks and practice until your all set to go into labor. If you do not have an near-by institutions offering such services, join Le FitMom for professional guidance and help.

Hypnobirthing Basics

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