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Childbirth Preparation: Pregnancy Guide To Prepare For Child Birth

Childbirth Preparation: Pregnancy Guide to Prepare for Child Birth

Whether you are a first time mom or not, child birth and labor can be scary! Only thinking about the pain one needs to bear during the time can make a woman sweat. But then again, the happiness and joy that you get to experience after holding your little angle makes you forget it all.

Best Exercises To Prepare For Labor and Childbirth

Doctors today suggest pregnant ladies to stay fit and active during the whole nine months, which pushes them towards a smoother and easier labor. There are a various pregnancy workouts that help your for childbirth preparation, BUT should always be done under the supervision of a professional trainer.

Le FitMom is one platform that helps you connect with trainers conducting professional childbirth classes so you can learn techniques to take control of your body while in labor. Thus, here some best exercises to prepare for labor:

1. Butterfly Stretch

Sit on the floor with your back straight and the bottom of your feet pressed together. Now use your hands to press down both your knees till you feel your thigh muscles stretching. Hold the pose for a few seconds and release slowly. This exercise is great for strengthening thigh and pelvic muscles, improves blood flow to the lower part of the body and stretches the pelvic joint to gain more flexibility.

2. Kegel Exercises

Pelvic floor workout like kegel exercises is a great way to strengthen your pelvic muscles. All you need to do is stand up straight and tighten your pelvic muscles as if you’re stopping yourself from urinating. Repeat this exercises several times a day to get the best results.

3. Wall Slide

Stand with your back against the wall, hands and arm resting on it and legs apart. Now slowly go down in a squatting position, hold the position for a few seconds and then stand back up. This is a great exercise to stretch your pelvic muscles and prepare for childbirth.

What is the best way to prepare for childbirth?

You might have heard women experience long hours of labor with contractions that were terrifying, BUT every women is different. If you sister had 17 hours long labor, same might not be the case with you.

What can you do prepare yourself for labor? Prepare you mind and body for it. Relax and accept the fact that this is something inevitable and you’ll get through it like a warrior. Next, try practice workouts that will stretch your muscles and increase flexibility in the joints, preparing for childbirth and easy labor.

Also, practice breathing exercises for relaxing your mind and body and discuss your delivery options with the doctor. You can always join Le FitMom to get connect with other moms and listen to their experiences, if it helps in any way!

Top 6 Exercises to Help You Prepare for Childbirth

Here are the best exercises that will help you get through labor and delivery with ease:

1. Butterfly stretch

2. Squats

3. Kegel exercise

4. Child’s pose

5. Yoga

6. Reverse breathing

Child-birth Education Classes

Joining a childbirth education class is always advisable for first time moms. Because most ladies do not know what to expect, these classes guide them through pregnancy and labor by showering them with solutions and ways to relax their mind and body.

From different positions of labor to pregnancy workouts, from relaxing techniques to dealing with postpartum, these classes teach you everything! So, if you haven’t rolled in one yet, do so now!

Best Natural Childbirth Education Classes Near Me

If you haven’t been able to find a childbirth education class near you, join Le FitMom to get in touch with professionals for help.

Perks of preparing for childbirth with mindfulness instruction

If your pregnancy was a smooth one, there is no guarantee whether child birth will be fun or not. Most moms describe childbirth as a roller coaster ride, where you clench tightly to the bars, waiting for the fear and pain of the contractions to get over soon. But of course, with a few tricks and tricks, childbirth preparation can be made easy.

What week should I start preparing for labor?

Pregnancy is a complete journey in itself, with childbirth and delivery being a truly meaningful ending to it. But of course, no matter how well the things are going, every expecting mother is suggested to read to not more than at least one pregnancy guide and roll into childbirth classes for early preparations.

Well, do not worry if you do not have mom and baby institutes near your place, Le FitMom is there to help you. All you need is to log on to the website and explore the world with other expecting mothers, getting free advices from health professionals and seeking tips from trainers who work towards marinating a healthy pregnancy for you.

Now, the question arises, when should you actually start preparing for labor?

Where 35-40 weeks are labeled as the “crucial” period of a pregnancy, as a woman can deliver anything soon, in the true sense of it, you need to prepare for labor from the very beginning.

YES, since you got a positive result, starting preparing for child birth. But HOW?

By searching for answers, hearing the experiencing of other mother and most importantly, by joining childbirth classes that not only teach you about delivery and labor, but also guide you towards maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Most ladies join such classes in their last trimester, which is better than being late. the trainers here guide you through labor and delivery, teaching various methods of pain management, offering alternatives to the much common “natural” birth and exploring options together. The perk of learning mindfulness through these sessions is that an expecting mother experiences a smoother and comfortable delivery as compared to mums-to-be who never got a chance to attend a class.


Because the trainers here teach you to take control over your body during contractions, do not let fear get the best of you and stress out. Those who panic in such a situation are the ones who experience more pain and end up with prolonged labor. These classes train you to keep your mind and body relaxed, let nature work its course and go with the flow. The more you stay calm, the easier labor becomes for you, and thus, you deliver a happy, healthy baby and have great memories to cherish for life.

So, moms who are about to give birth anytime soon, if you cannot find a good mindfulness class near you, join Le FitMom right away and make your child birth experience worth remembering, rather than a memory that scares you every night!

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