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The Role of Cardio in Perinatal Fitness

For some pregnancy is a smooth journey filled will love and care, while for others it is no less roller coaster ride of emotions and complications. But whichever boat you’re in, pregnancy itself is beautiful. The idea of bringing a new life into this world simply fills your heart with unconventional love. Thus, to ensure everything goes well, take up prenatal workout programs to pay special attention to prenatal fitness and deliver a healthy baby!

A guideline of how to manage cardio while you try to conceive, throughout your pregnancy, and in postpartum life

When come to know the first time about the “good news”, you are filled with joy yet scared at the same time. Most moms, they have no idea what to eat and what to do, thus most end up eating and resting. But little do expect moms to know that it is crucial to remain active for promised mom fitness.

Which exercises should you take up during pregnancy and afterward? Le FitMom surely offering the best prenatal exercise that you should take a look at!

Typically what most women believe is that cardio is not good for their unborn baby. And even after birth, they end up doing only light exercises. Know that the best mom fitness programs at Le FitMom consist of a balance between light cardio and pelvic floor workout, hence helping you move through the pregnancy phase easily while speeding up the postpartum recovery for others.

Pregnancy workouts:

Pregnancy is all about eating well and keeping active so that your unborn baby grows at a healthy speed. This is why, when food and pregnancy workouts are paired together, you get the best outcomes.

If you have a smooth pregnancy, a cardio workout can help improve things further. Light exercises like Kegel exercises and others that fall under the cardio category help improve blood supply throughout the body especially to the baby. It focuses on improving muscle flexibility and hence aid in childbirth preparation.

Moreover, at Le FitMom, our experts pay special heed towards kegel workout and yoga for belly, exercises that help in pelvic floor restoration after birth. You as an expecting mom or new mum need to understand what your body goes through during and after pregnancy, thus take up beneficial activities.

Working out for Mom Fitness

For ladies who are expecting or recently given birth, it is important to take things slow. Do not over-exert yourself but do take up a light activity that will help speed up the postpartum recovery phase for you. Always remember to work out under the supervision of experts, that too after getting a green signal from your doctor.

It is high time that the ladies overcome the common belief of eating for two and resting only during pregnancy. Why? This is because the more unnecessary weight you put on, the more strain it will put on your health, hence risking the unborn baby’s life.

Moreover, for mums-to-be or new moms who cannot join the gym, Le FitMom provides an online platform where you can join various programs and workout at home only. Our professionals will design the best programs for you that aim at keeping you healthy while ensuring the proper growth of your child.


Pay special attention to prenatal fitness and deliver a healthy baby!

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