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Baby Wearing & Le FitMom

At Le FitMom, we love babywearing! It's such a wonderful way to feel close to your baby and

soothe your baby when required. Babywearing while exercising is also a great way to help you

become strong and fit after having a baby, since your resistance increases as your baby grows!

It is very important to understand basic babywearing safety before ever putting on a carrier. As

with any baby product, baby carriers can pose potential safety hazards if they are not used

carefully and correctly.

  • Read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions for use, and watch any included DVDs, if applicable.

  • Make sure your child’s airway remains open at all times while babywearing. The best way to do this is to keep him or her in an upright position, high enough on your body to monitor breathing and ensure that her chin is off her chest.

  • After nursing in a carrier, remove baby from breast and return baby to proper carrying position with head above the breasts and face free of fabric and turned away from the mother’s body.

  • Consult an expert if your infant was born with a low birth weight, such as a preemie or twins, or if your infant has respiratory illness or other respiratory problems. Extra vigilance is required with these babies.

  • It is also important that your carrier provide adequate support for your infant’s developing neck and back. Ideally baby should be held with his knees higher than his bottom with legs in a spread squat position and support from knee to knee.

  • Always inspect your carrier for wear or damage before use examining it for weak spots, loose stitching, worn fabrics, etc.

  • Practice all carries—especially back carries–with a spotter, over a bed or couch, or low to the ground until you are completely confident.

  • Always exercise common sense while babywearing.

  For more information about babywearing, including FAQ's, please see the BWI website 


Recommended Baby Carriers for Fitness Classes

       In our FITMOM classes, we recommend that you use a soft structured carrier, such as an Ergo, Manduca, Beco or Tula. We also recommend wearing your baby on your front facing towards you, or in a back carry, to reduce the impact on both your spine and your baby's spine as well as your core muscles. For a fitness class, it's ideal to select a carrier that has support at the waist, so that the weight of your baby is shifted from your shoulders to your hips. A Mai Tai or non-stretchy wrap can also be used during a babywearing fitness class.