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Le FitMom provides fitness for all stages of motherhood. Due to the education and experience in different areas of our professionals, in Le FitMom we offer a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of women during the challenging stage of motherhood: prenatal and postnatal exercise classes, one-on-one personal training, fitness challenges… this aims to empower a love of movement and self-care and ensure a clear focus on the defined goals. And most importantly, a community of support from moms just like you!

To deliver a standout service, the initial assessment and program prescription need to be in tune with the needs of the client.

Our goal is that women enjoy a state of optimal health during their childbearing years since this is

a special time, usually full of physical and emotional instability.

How does Le FitMom works?

At Le FitMom we adapt to you, your needs, goals and possibilities

Find us in our new location “Anatomy Rehab”.

Palm Jumeirah. Golden Mile 1. Galleria Mall M-30

We have the pefect place to offer our unique high quality services for you and your baby.

Our studio is fully equipped with all the necessary material required for functional training, aqua-therapy room, breasfeeding room…

You decide with who

Private, with a friend or a group of friends at a similar stage as you. (pregnant, 1 month or 1 year postpartum…), your partner, your baby or our own groups classes.

Whenever you prefer

  • When training is private or semi-private.
  • When the group is done by you & your friends and together you decide the days and timing preferences.
  • in the park
  • with your baby
  • with your partner
  • via skype


Our mission is the care of a woman from the moment she decides to become pregnant until the the postpartum period included (4th trimester & beyond), based on the personal development and comprehensively understood health, body, and mind. From an initial assessment, which involves all our specialists, we take care to prepare, develop and restore the ideal physical state of the woman, with a daily follow-up and preventing the appearance of any complications during this period guaranteeing a full recovery of all functions of the body (organs, muscles, and tissues among others) and an optimal emotional state during the postpartum period.