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A Peek Inside The Stages Of Pregnancy

A Peek Inside The Stages of Pregnancy

Stages of Pregnancy

A normal pregnancy lasts over 40 weeks. But most women are known to feel contractions and go into labor at 38+ weeks, that too if the pregnancy is smooth and free from complications.

To deliver a healthy baby, the mother-to-be needs to adopt a lifestyle that is healthy and active. Well, active here doesn’t mean you go jumping around the house and munch on grass and greens, but it means keeping yourself engrossed in activities that require you to keep moving. And for ladies who are even more conscious of their health and their baby’s well-being, there are various workouts for pregnant women that help you keep active without harming the baby.

The Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters where each trimester comes with its set of goods and bads. Where the first trimester is considered as the most crucial one, the second one is said to be the “golden period” and the third one is the climax.

Soon after ladies test themselves positive, so begins the journey filled with emotions, mood swings, nausea, and what not! Soon the hormones kick in; making you sick to the stomach, hence it is now commonly believed that pregnancy workout first trimester can ease those “horrible” signs and symptoms.

Le FitMom is a platform offering different programs designed around pregnant women. From guidance about childbirth preparation to best exercises for pregnant women, this online forum offers it all! Most new moms-to-be have no idea where to start from, what to do and what to expect, thus places like these providing complete plans and exercises for mom is nothing short of a blessing.

Labor and birthing may sound difficult, but what comes after is even harder to handle. You’re exhausted from the pregnancy and childbirth and suddenly thrown with a responsibility to soothe a newborn baby, take care of him/her. This is a time when most mums are overwhelmed with emotions and lost in a world where stress becomes unavoidable. You feel pressured, tired and most importantly, you hate yourself and body.

Fighting postpartum depression alone is not easy. Hence, Le FitMom invites ladies especially new moms looking for a place to breathe to come and speak their hearts and mind. Also, you get to heal your body through workouts that include pelvic floor restoration and kegel exercises for women, making your body, mind, and soul stronger. No matter what age you, whether you are a new, first-time mom or ready to deliver, Le FitMom lends a helping hand. The professionals here work closely together with you, design training programs around your needs so that, your aim at how you look at your body is achieved in the best possible way.

Leading A Healthy, Happy Life

The fact is, pregnancy changes your body in a hundred ways and most women end up with weaker pelvic muscles leading to issues that need medical attention. Along with medication, women should go for kegel exercises done under the strict supervision of professional trainers to attain the best results and get back into shape with fewer issues to deal with!

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